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Motorcycle Licence Category Changes January 2013

From January 19th 2013, there are specific changes to motorcycle licence categories that will effect most riders and those wishing to start motorcycling.

The R.S.A. website will give you information about these changes, but here is a summary:

The changes will effect the minimum age at which a licence can be obtained:

  • AM (50cc) - 16 yrs
  • A1 (125 cc) - 16 yrs
  • A2 (35 kw) - 18 yrs
  • A (40 kw +, unrestricted) - 24 yrs

(If you have held a full A2 licence for two years the minimum age for an A is 20 yrs).

Anyone starting out to ride a motorcycle must undergo training. This means either I.B.T., modules 1,2,3,4, or, depending on your age and licence stage, I.B.T., modules 1,3, and 5, or module 5 only (more experienced riders).

Chris runs training every week for all licence categories and if you are not sure about the licence information as it effects you, please email or phone 053 91 38921.


  • Call (053) 9138921
  • Mobile (087) 7787377
  • Email via contact form


Training courses are available for riders of all levels, whether you are preparing for your motorcycle test or are an advanced rider who wishes to improve your skills and safety on the road.

School bikes are available.

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