Rapid Rider Training

Initial Basic Training

Since December 6th, 2010 anybody applying for their first rider permit (provisional licence), must complete a set course of initial basic training with a registered instructor.

This involves a sixteen hour course taken in four separate modules, each module dealing with specific training needs, to equip the new rider with the practical knowledge and ability to ride safely on the road.

The student must successfully complete each module before being allowed to progress to the next module. Each module can be taken when it suits the student.

If you are interested in booking this course or would like more information contact Chris O'Brien ».

Note: If you have a rider permit that pre-dates December 6th 2010, you do not have to do the initial basic training course (though it is sensible to invest in training with a qualified instructor).


IBT (16 Hours)One-to-one tuition€400 per person
two-to-one tuition€250 per person
IBT (18 Hours)One-to-one tuition€450 per person
two-to-one tuition€300 per person
Module 5 (progression)Two-to-one only€200 per person

Note: Bike hire, insurance , p.p.e. ( bike gear) included in the price for the course. All of these courses include AON and LIBERTY insurance skills assessments to reduce premiums.

The I.B.T. Course

Module 1: Three hours

  • Personal protective equipment
  • Introduction to motorcycle controls
  • Technical checks
  • Placing the motorcycle on and off the stand
  • Walk alongside the motorcycle
  • How to start and stop the engine the engine

Module 2: Five hours; Practical

  • Move off and stop
  • Use of brakes
  • Use of gears
  • Slow riding
  • Figure of eight
  • U-turn
  • Slalom
  • Rear observation and mirrors
  • Turning left and right
  • Emergenc adjustment of speed

Module 3: Two hours

  • Legal requirements
  • Rules of the road
  • Being seen
  • Road surfaces
  • Road and lane position
  • Rear observation and mirrors
  • Speed
  • Anticipation and reaction
  • Weather conditions

Module 4: Six hours; Practical on road

  • Gradients
  • Junctions
  • Traffic lights
  • Roundabouts
  • Safe distance
  • Anticipation and reaction
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Bends

Module 5: Progression module

  • This module includes topics previously covered during modules 2 and 4 with some new content to allow progression to different licence categories.
  • This new module will either take 11 hours or 13 hours to complete depending on whether you have previously completed I.B.T. or not.

The I.B.T. instructor signs the students log book at the successful completion of each module and signs a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

Each module is priced separately and the cost of module one varies depending on the number of participants (the cost is shared between the number involved up to a maximum of twelve).

To book Initial Basic Training contact Chris O'Brien ».

Motorcycle Licence Changes

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See how this affects your motorcycle licence.

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Chris O' Brien has been training motorcyclists for fifteen years. He is based in County Wexford.

He is a registered instructor, and is an AON Bike Care Assessor and Liberty Insurance Rider Skills Assessor.

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