Rapid Rider Training

Intermediate & Advanced Level Training

This course prepares the rider for the I.A.M. Advanced Test and ROSPA Advanced Test.

It includes the AON/AXA Bike Care Assessment and Liberty Insurance Assessment.

School bikes are available.

If you are interested in booking lessons or would like more information contact Chris O'Brien.

Below are details of the bike skills covered in each two hour lesson.

Lesson 1: Information needs

  • Limit of view and limit point analysis - covers forward observation and where to look.
  • Six zones of vision - awareness of blind spots and timing to corner these.
  • Scanning - practise in using scanning techniques.
  • Commentary riding - developing effective commentary to further enhance anticipation and planning

Lesson 2: Position

  • Position for view (see and be seen) - the important role of positioning.
  • Position for space (safety bubble) - flexible use of space to stay away from danger.

This module also covers steering techniques.

Lesson 3: Speed

  • Effective use of speed variation.
  • Timing your arrival for hazards by anticipation.
  • Smooth management of gears and brakes combined with speed.
  • Timing and effective use of gears.

Lesson 4: Acceleration and Hazard Management

Developing good use of the three previous phases to employ the use of acceleration through the hazard.

The system allows us to create effective riding plans.
  • Information
  • Position
  • Speed
  • Gear
  • Acceleration
  • Observe
  • Anticipate
  • Plan
  • Act

Motorcycle Licence Changes

From January 2013, changes have been made to the motorcycle licence categories.

See how this affects your motorcycle licence.

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Chris O' Brien has been training motorcyclists for fifteen years. He is based in County Wexford.

He is a registered instructor, and is an AON Bike Care Assessor and Liberty Insurance Rider Skills Assessor.

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