Rapid Rider Training

Motorcycle Test Preparation

This course is designed to prepare you for your motorcycle licence test. It is divided into two hour lessons, each covering crucial bike skills.

School bikes are available.

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Test Preparation*Per hour€35
AON and Liberty Insurance skills assessmentsThree hour assessment€105

*Conducted in two hour modules.

Course Details

Below are the details of skills covered in each two hour lesson.

Lesson 1: Moving off and stopping, Observations and Slow Manoeuvering

Moving off/stopping

  • Correct practise and procedure
  • Safety position
  • Use of brakes, gears and clutch
  • Information needs


  • Mirrors and blind spot checks: correct practise and procedure

Slow Manoeuvering

  • Circles, figures of 8, slalom, u-turns
  • Effective use of throttle, brakes and clutch
  • Observation

Lesson 2: Braking and use of speed

  • Demonstration of rear brake only, front brake only and then combined braking to show correct practise
  • Development of the use of brakes to adjust speed
  • Understanding the dynamics of braking in dry and wet riding conditions and tyre grip trade-off issues

Lesson 3: Left turns, right turns and cornering

  • The best practise and procedure
  • Taking and giving information
  • Road positioning
  • Defensive riding techniques
  • Observation

Lesson 4: Observation, anticipation and hazard management

  • Scanning ahead, all around mirrors, shoulder checks and lifesavers
  • Road positioning for view and safety
  • Use of speed, brakes, gears, clutch and information issues

Motorcycle Licence Changes

From January 2013, changes have been made to the motorcycle licence categories.

See how this affects your motorcycle licence.

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Chris O' Brien has been training motorcyclists for fifteen years. He is based in County Wexford.

He is a registered instructor, and is an AON Bike Care Assessor and Liberty Insurance Rider Skills Assessor.

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